The Stroke Rehab Gym

The exercises in this book will help you develop the power to refocus and take charge of your own rehabilitation. The author illustrated each drill by photographing himself as he underwent each step through an easy-to-follow picture drills numbering to 1,321 pictures. The author tested and applied all the drills to his muscles and he had seen and felt the connection of the physical and mental aspect to his 99% successful recovery today.

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About the Author

Efren B. Fiao-ag was a former teacher at Subic National High School, Subic, Philippines. In April 2013, on his 58th year, he was hit by stroke. Blood clots blocked arteries on the left side of his brain. Twenty hours elapsed before he reached the hospital where emergency measures were taken. As a result, he totally lost control on his right arm, his right leg and his tongue...Read More

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The key solution to a fast and successful recovery is retraining the mind and developing mental strength.

He self-rehabilitated
himself to 99% mobility. It is these reality-based exercises he wants to share to other stroke survivors who are struggling with their recovery.


You have the advantage of putting yourself in his own shoes as you do each drill. As you perform each step, as you read each chapter, you will be encouraged to develop your own style. This book will serve as your lifelong coach and mentor.

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