Who is Efren Fiao-Ag?

About Efren B. Fiao-Ag

Efren B. Fiao-ag was a former teacher at Subic National High School, Subic, Philippines. In April 2013, on his 58th year, he was hit by stroke. Blood clots blocked arteries on the left side of his brain. Twenty hours elapsed before he reached the hospital where emergency measures were taken. As a result, he totally lost control on his right arm, his right leg and his tongue.
He was hospitalized for eleven days. After his confinement, he underwent two weeks of formal therapy in the same hospital. Then he stopped his rehabilitation because he ran out of money.

He was brought to a place where no therapists are available. So he has to face his situation by himself which were the paralysis of his right side, his slurred speech and his ignorance on what to do with his immobility.

A Stroke Survivor’s first hand experiences on rehabilitation.

One exercise led to another.

His need to restore his mobility pushed him to improvise his own exercises that made his arm and leg stronger. Although his concerns were not broad during those moments, he was much focused on how he will raise his right arm to shoulder level so his forefinger can press his camera’s shutter. At the same time, he has to relearn how to lift his weak leg so he can go outside his house. These two immediate goals were his primary concerns then.

One exercise led to another. He discovered how to use materials he found around him as therapy assistants. He utilized these objects to return the missing movements on his affected body. These were what he illustrated in his ebook.

With his personal experiences on rehabilitation, he is now a firm believer that the effects of stroke are curable. Five years after the arterial blockages, he is now as mobile as before as he considers himself 99% cured.

His inspiration to write his stroke survivor story stemmed from his observations of other stroke survivors he met along the way who were lost like him during his earlier days of rehabilitation. He knew they can be cured. Thus, he wants to share these drills so other stroke patients can start their own form of rehabilitation in their own way.

He retired recently from teaching after celebrating his 60th birthday. He, now, lives by himself, in Subic, Zambales, Philippines.